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Sunday, September 28, 2008

So besides movies, what else have I been doing?

Well let's see. Friday the BSU took me shopping for new job clothes so that I'll look all spiffy when I report to work on Thursday. I've got new slacks and shirts and socks so I'll be as well dressed as its possible for me to be. We happened to see the owner of the body shop that repaired the truck when we rolled it a few years back and I mentioned that the truck needed some paint repair on the fender flange. He told me to bring it out to the shop and I did and tomorrow his shop is going to fix up my chipped paint.

Saturday I worked on the shop, putting things back inside that had been sitting outside the entire time. I hung a new security light outside and rehung the door illumination light. I've finished the raingutter on the back of the shop and just have 2 doors to build and hang to finish my closets. Then there are some trim boards to put back on so I can call the project finished outside.

Inside I still want to insulate my new roof, there are some hurricane straps to finish installing and probably some caulking to be squirted into cracks around the edges. And the never-ending sweep-up of the sawdust that has filled every nook and cranny continues.

Today I took the BSU to church and took my buddy Ben fishing for a bit. Both were really pleasant ways to spend a few hours.

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